All About Copics


When thinking about what my first post on this blog should be I was looking around my room for inspiration and saw my copic markers. Because I really fucking love them I thought it would be a good place to start off. I started using copic markers last summer and they have quickly become my favourite medium to colour with. The selection of colours is ridiculous and the ease to which they blend together makes colouring super easy and fun to do! If your thinking about starting to buy copics I hope this post may be helpful.

I have some of each type of copic marker. I find they all have their benefits and their downfalls. Overall, I think having a selection comes in super handy when trying to colour different images and achieve the effects that you want.

WIDE: The wide markers are, obviously, for colouring large areas easily. Before I got wide markers colouring things like backgrounds was not only tedious but also used up a lot of ink. The good thing about wide markers is that even though you are using the same amount of ink the pen is being used specifically for backgrounds so your not wasting ink from a smaller marker. Plus, backgrounds are boring and getting them done quicker is a blessing. I would recommend the copic wide in black or special black and then maybe a few colours you would typically use for solid backgrounds (blues and greys, or just colours you like.)

SKETCH AND CIAO: These are basically the same marker but the ciao is smaller with a different barrel design and comes in less colours, the nibs are identical. Also the ciaos are cheaper, which is why I would recommend buying a few of these first if you just want to try out copics and see if you like them These are the markers with the super-brush tip or whatever copic call it, basically it is this nib that really sets these pens apart from most other markers. The brush tip makes is easier to apply colour evenly and to blend different colours into each other. These are the markers that people usually fill their collection with. As you can see I have a good mixture of both ciaos and sketches, I don’t particularly have a preference when it comes down to it. The design of the sketch markers is more appealing but they work exactly the same so for me it just depends on what’s in stock in the colours I want.

ORIGINAL: I feel like the original markers are sort of overlooked, but they are really good for a lot of things. The small bullet nib is great for small details as it is more precise and easy to place than the brush top. It’s also fantastic for writing. The chisel tip is slightly bigger than on the ciao and sketch markers, but not significantly. Again, as with the ciaos, the originals come in less colours than the sketch markers. I would recommend getting an original marker in black or special black, it comes in really handy.


(Wide, sketch, ciao, original)


(sketch, ciao, original) 

Here is a video showing all the nibs in action. (Sketch, ciao, original, wide) Sorry for huge fucking gap after the first one, I’m not good at this shit.




These are my favourite colours that I currently own. If you are starting out I would recommend thinking about what you most often draw and what your favourite colours are and build your collection from there. If you draw a lot of people then it would be wise to invest in skina nd hair colours first and then branch into other colours (copic do premade skin colour sets for both ciao and sketch markers). If you have the money to invest in these pens then there are several sets available that have complimentary colours and useful shades already picked out!






The paper I use when I use copics is usually the Canson mixed media sketchbook paper (I buy this sketchbook on Amazon). The copics DO bleed throught the paper, but they bleed through or at least are visible through most paper. I am yet to try some actual marker paper as I think this mix media paper works very well!20160113-6E3A3992

As for the pens I use for inking when I use copics, I have several that I enjoy using and which work well. My favourites are the Pilot Pocket Brush pens, both the hard and soft pens. Pictured above are the Pilot Sign pen which is just a standard black pen. The Pentel Colour Brush pen in black, which is a more traditional brush pen with fibres. A Rotring fineliner which I picked up in a set, I believe this is the 0.5 size. And finallt the Pilot Pocket Brush pens in soft and then hard, I like both a lot. As the names suggest one has a soft nib the other a harder nib.

I buy all my copics from Cult Pens as I’ve found their price is the cheapest and their service is a lot better than other places I’ve tried.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave any comments or questions 🙂